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Tailored Repair Solutions for Every Need

At Inspect2Fix, we understand that each client has unique needs and expectations. That’s why we offer three distinct packages tailored to diverse situations and requirements. Whether you need a detailed repair estimate post-inspection, an expedited service for a fast turnaround, or you want to add value to your property before listing, we have a package just for you. Explore our offerings below and choose the one that best fits your needs

48 Hour

In-depth Analysis, Swift Delivery,

Gain detailed insights from your inspection report, all organized in a user-friendly PDF, within 48 hours.


Efficient, Guaranteed Estimates

24 Hour

Accelerate Your Repair Journey

Fast-track your repair planning. Get an in-depth, quick-turnaround analysis of your inspection report in just 24 hours.


  Fast, Guaranteed Estimates 

Value Surge

Elevate Your Home Value

Maximize your property’s appeal with our pre-listing repair service. Our team identifies potential repairs and provides a free estimate, enhancing your home’s market attractiveness.

No Cost

Boost Your Home Value

Fast Track Your Repair Journey

Your Journey Starts Here

Choose the perfect package for you

Kickstart your seamless repair journey by selecting one of our distinct packages. Need a comprehensive repair estimate within 48 hours or prefer an expedited 24-hour one? The choice is yours. Select your package now and take the first step towards a hassle-free repair experience.

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Quick and Easy Submission

Upload your inspection report in a snap

After choosing your package, it’s time to upload your inspection report. Our platform ensures a simple, secure process. Upload your report now and let us dive into the details to craft your detailed repair estimate.

Get Your Guaranteed Estimate Fast

Swift, accurate repair estimates at your fingertips

Our commitment to speed and precision shines when we deliver your detailed repair estimate. Expect a clear breakdown of repair costs within your chosen timeline. The price we quote is the exact amount you pay. Get your guaranteed repair estimate now and enjoy our transparent, efficient service

after inspection repair

Experience Fast, Quality Repairs

Experience Fast, Quality Repairs

Once you approve the estimate, we start on your repairs immediately. We prioritize speed without sacrificing quality to keep your home sale on track. Start your repair process now and rest easy knowing your home will be sale-ready swiftly.